Hello! I'm a seasoned software engineer and technology enthusiast, currently working on uberAgent, Citrix @ Cloud Software Group. With a passion that sits at the crossroads of Win32, driver development, and language crafting, I bring over 15 years of experience primarily in C++ to the table.

Professional Journey

  • Current Role: Contributing my skills and knowledge at Citrix, focusing uberAgent.
    • Key Contributions:
      • Developed uAQL, a bespoke query language for uberAgent.
      • Developed uberAgentNetMon, a kernel-level network monitoring driver.
      • Developed uberAgentFilter, a kernel mini-filter driver for filesystem monitoring.
  • Specialties: As a Win32 and Kernel Enthusiast & Language-Crafting Aficionado, I have a deep understanding of Windows internals and a knack for creating robust, efficient software.
  • Founder of Liasoft: I founded Liasoft, a venture I actively manage. Our key project, the antispy SDK, is a C++ obfuscation library designed to enhance software security. This initiative underscores my dedication to improving software protection and integrity.

Technical Expertise

Throughout my career, I've honed my skills in a variety of technologies and domains, including but not limited to:

  • Programming Languages: Proficient in C++/C, with a solid foundation in C# development.
  • Frameworks & APIs: Skilled in Win32 API, Qt framework, and Python, enabling me to build comprehensive and user-friendly applications.
  • Windows Internals Expertise: My professional journey includes a deep dive into Windows internals, where I've focused on enhancing my knowledge and creating strategies to address various challenges. This area of interest has played a significant role in my work, contributing to the development of innovative solutions and tools.
  • Software Engineering Practices: Well-versed in CI/CD, automation, and I have a thorough understanding of important design patterns, which guide my approach to software architecture and development.

Let's Connect

I'm always eager to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and professionals. If you're interested in discussing Win32 development, cybersecurity innovations, or just geeking out over the latest in software engineering, feel free to reach out!

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