Career Profile

I have been working as a reverse engineer for about 9 years during my studies, work and free time. I am well known for reversing and creating bots for well known computer and mobile games.

Always open for offers about security, software, game or mobile reverse engineering.

Almost two years ago I founded Liasoft. We build Apps for fun and we do reverse engineering for a living. I also worked for Microsoft for about a year until I decided to quit that job since running an own company, having a second job, a son and studies is just too much.


Founder & CEO

08/2016 - Present

Reverse Engineer

08/2016 - Present

Senior Student Partner and Evangelist

08/2016 - 12/2017

Skills & Proficiency


.NET, .NET Core

iOS Reverse Engineering

Android Reverse Engineering

x86/x64 Reverse Engineering

HTML5 & CSS, Python, Node.js, Java, React Native